Frequently asked questions

We are a small accounting firm and we hope to grow our business quickly within the next 24 months. Can we start small with you and grow bigger as we grow?

That is absolutely fine. We work with several small accounting firms and have supported their growth. You can start small and then plan your expansion. We will fully support you, even if you have rapid growth plans.

We are an accounting firm serving hundreds of local clients. Our fear about outsourcing is that you could easily steal away our clients. How can we trust you?

This is the most common concern amongst the accounting firms. We fully understand this and that is why we are set-out to remove this very important concern. To begin with, our agreement includes a mutually binding non-solicitation clause.

Moreover, our strength is handling the back-office bookkeeping work and we do it very well. Your strength is in addressing accounting needs for your local businesses. Combining these two will provide the best possible solution. So, we don't want to compete directly with you and we never will. That's why our agreement includes the non-solicitation clause in detail. So, you have nothing to worry about and you can trust us 100%. We have grown from a 2 people start-up into a 1600+ strong team because of this trust.

We will stay behind as the trusted overseas partner and do all the work, while you do the client communication and charter your growth plans.

We have some bookkeeping requirements and this will require a team of bookkeepers. Can you give us an exclusive team?

Yes. We can give you an exclusive team that will work only for you. We will also nominate a team leader amongst the team and you can communicate direct with the team leader for daily operational communications.

How competent are your bookkeepers in India?

All our bookkeepers are graduates from top universities. The minimal educational qualification is a bachelor's degree. Many of our bookkeepers have master's degrees. Most of them have years of bookkeeping experience doing bookkeeping for businesses in USA and Canada. We carefully pick them through several rounds of tests and interviews. Our bookkeepers are also trained on US and Canadian accounting regulations and popular accounting software including QuickBooks, PeachTree, Quicken and Sage amongst others.

What are your outsourcing service terms? Are there any binding commitments?

We don't believe in binding commitments. The commitment is based on the size of your engagement. For most accounting firms, it is just 30 days notice. However if you want a large team of bookkeepers working exclusively for you, then it is a rolling annual contract with a 90-day cancellation policy.

We don't believe in binding agreements that makes the client to stay with us against their wish. We clearly understand that, success in outsourcing is based on mutually beneficial relationship between you and us.

Why should I work with you and not with any of your competitors?

We don't want to play down the capabilities of our competitors. We are sure most of our competitors do a decent job.

Talking about us, we are a highly trusted bookkeeping outsourcing partner for accounting firms. We completely understand all your fears about outsourcing. We will give you that extra personal care that you so crave for. If you decide to outsource your bookkeeping with us, we will make outsourcing a joyful journey for you.

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