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A quick summary about Integra

Integra: when did we start?

Integra was started in the year 2004. The founding directors are four of us, Ganesh (me), Raj, Aravind and Ram. I have worked and lived in the US for the past 21 years and wanted to put this experience to good use. Others also had good educational and work background with large companies especially in the outsourcing industry. We thought that this would be the best way our capabilities can be put to good use.

Raj was working with Nokia mobile phones in the UK. Ram and Aravind were managing outsourcing projects in the transportation industry from India. We agreed that Raj and I will manage the sales and marketing while Ram and Aravind will handle the operations.

We started our first tiny office at the Indian city of Coimbatore. It was a small unsophisticated office with bare essentials and it looked more like a dodgy car dealer's office than a world class outsourcing office aspiring for clients from across the world. But, hey! We had to start somewhere.

Founding principle

Our founding principle is taking the "fear" out of outsourcing. Why did we choose that as our founding principle?

As you all know, the IT and call center outsourcing wave was sweeping across India from the mid 1990's. During that time, the outsourcing companies in India were catering only for large corporations. Small and medium businesses could not get the same outsourcing benefits because they were not entertained by these large outsourcing service providers in India.

Our aim was to address this gap and make outsourcing easily accessible for small and medium businesses. That is to make outsourcing a fearless journey for small and medium businesses. That is taking the "fear" out of outsourcing.

Initial years

It was tough for us during the first few years. Our prospective clients did not realize that a small business could outsource as well. Also the concept of outsourcing was new to them. We got a few small projects. It wasn't a lot, but enough to keep our morale up. We started hiring our first set of people and we are proud to say that most of them are still with us and are the corner stone of our growth.

It required lots of motivation during the initial years and we tried to boost each other's morale, whenever we felt a little blue. But our sincerity and hard work paid off, and we started getting more clients. It was mainly through references from our initial clients. Our small office, could not handle the workload, so we moved to the bigger office in 2006.

New office and growth

After we moved to the new office, we expanded our marketing further and got more business. We have also implemented quality control systems to ensure timely delivery and 100% accuracy of all our bookkeeping work. Many of our clients are CPA and accounting firms. We would stay in the background and take care of all the bookkeeping work and the accountant would do a final review and complete the job.

We steadily grew and our team size was about 60 and we started operating in full capacity at our new office. Some of our clients asked us to do other additional outsourcing work, so we added other service areas such as customer support and call center. These additional services were primarily started to address the demand from our existing clients.

To cater further growth, we added another office in India about 2 miles away from the first office.

Current staff strength and focus

Our current team strength is 1600+ and we are growing every month. Most of our clients are small and medium businesses and we continue to operate under our founding principle of taking the "fear" out of outsourcing.

We currently work with several accounting firms across USA, Canada, UK and Australia. I welcome you to be a part of our family and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing. I can guarantee that you will be delighted.

Ganesh Ranganathan
Founder director
Integra Global Solutions

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