Virtual staff for accountants

Difficulty in finding reliable bookkeepers is the primary reason why several accounting firms fail to grow to their full potential. It is a struggle to recruit reliable bookkeepers. Also, there is no guarantee that the hired bookkeepers will stay for the longer duration. With this uncertainty it is very difficult to plan for practice expansion.

However, with the option of outsourcing there is a much better alternative. The alternative is using virtual bookkeepers for accounting firms.

Manage your practice growth with virtual bookkeepers

You can hire virtual bookkeepers either part or full-time. It all depends on your need and we are happy to accommodate your needs. You can give some sample jobs and test their skills before you pick them.

Having a virtual team of bookkeepers not only brings the flexibility to your business, it also gets you a considerable cost savings. Furthermore, you will not incur additional expenditure such as hiring costs, management costs, IT infrastructure and other expenses.

How does working with a virtual bookkeeper work?

Several accounting and CPA firms have benefited from using virtual bookkeepers and have successfully managed their growth while increasing the profit margins. To find out, how it can work for you, contact us now.

What is the cost of using virtual bookkeeper?

It depends on whether you want a full or part-time bookkeeper. The price of a part-time bookkeeper starts at just $398 per month. Your virtual bookkeeper can do tasks such as entry of journals, do write ups, manage accounts payables and receivables, do payroll, manage invoices, bank reconciliations and prepare reports. The virtual bookkeepers are available immediately to start working for you.

Why should you start using virtual bookkeeper now?

By hiring virtual bookkeeper, you need not worry about capital expenditure or extra office space. You just focus your efforts on marketing and winning new business.

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