Bookkeeping service for accountants

Accounting practices and CPA firms can take advantage of our outsourced bookkeeping service. You can outsource bookkeeping jobs to us rather than recruiting in-house bookkeepers. We have been serving accounting firms (of all sizes) across the USA and Canada, since 2004. We also serve some accounting firms in UK, Ireland and Australia.

Our bookkeeping service helps accounting firms to keep their bookkeeping clients (rather than turning them away) while focussing more of their time on high value consultancy, accounting and taxation service.

What bookkeeping tasks can we handle?

By outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks you no longer need to worry about employing bookkeepers for your practice. You can just channel all your energy towards adding new clients with the knowledge of having a reliable partner to support you. We will manage all the time-consuming bookkeeping tasks of your clients. Our hourly rates offer great value to you considering the fact that you get a premium service.

How does bookkeeping outsourcing work?

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Why Integra is your ideal outsourcing partner?

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