Why Integra

By choosing Integra, you don't get an outsourcing provider, you get an outsourcing partner. A reliable partner that fully understand that outsourcing is a not an easy journey for you. It is not easy because outsourcing is usually associated with several fears. There are fears such as data confidentiality, potential communication problems, possibility of cultural difference and doubt about ability of a foreign bookkeeper to understand your requirements etc.,

What do you do when you have fears about outsourcing?

You postpone your decision to outsource. But postponing is not right answer because you have to chart the long term path of your business. So, instead of postponing your outsourcing decision, the right way is to find an outsourcing provider who can understand your concerns and fears. You don't just want a provider, what you want is a "trusted partner".

Integra: your trusted outsourcing partner

By choosing Integra, you get a trusted outsourcing partner. You get an outsourcing partner who fully understands all your fears about outsourcing. And we guarantee to work closely with you to remove all your fears. A partner who is working with several accounting firms like yours since 2004.

At Integra we promise to make bookkeeping outsourcing a pleasant journey for you. How do we do that? What makes Integra, so special? Why you can trust Integra?

Why you must trust Integra?

Here are the 4 reasons why you should trust Integra

Data security, privacy confidentiality Best practice consultancy Flexible models of outsourcing Highly talented bookkeepers

Integra: the safest bet for accounting firms

When you decide to outsource, you will obviously get the cost savings from every outsourcing service provider. But, would that be sufficient to make a very important decision like outsourcing? You should strike a good deal of understanding, have easy communication channel, get a great transparency and finally establish a 100% trust with your outsourcing partner.

That's exactly what you can expect and will get from Integra. You will get a 100% trusted and long term outsourcing partner. That's why Integra is your safest outsourcing bet for accounting firms in USA.

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