Knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. Integra's bookkeepers have got all three qualities I expect from my bookkeeper.
Justin Cain, Chicago, Accounting firm

Clear communication, timely delivery and accurate business financial reports. Integra is perfect companion for my accounting practice.
Robert Heckman, San Francisco

Integra is perfect for my business bookkeeping. Integra's rates are very attractive while their bookkeepers are quick and responsive.
Eric Borgos, Oregon

I get detailed financial reports from Integra, completely customized to my requirements.
Steffen Waite, Vancouver, Canada

Nowadays, my staffs utilize their time on patient related activities than wasting their expensive time on mundane bookkeeping.
Daniel Howard, MD, Baltimore, Maryland

Fantastic value for money service. Perfect fit for small businesses. I am happy to recommend Integra.
John Bartolini, Boston

I love the way they follow-up and get my books in order every month. I am delighted to have found Integra in Google search.
Sam Colby, Philadelphia

More than a bookkeeping provider, they are advisors for my business. They keep a check on my finances and notify me if something is not right.
Andrew Palmer, Miami